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Welcome to Varewo, which is managed by Varewo Ltd. Varewo is part of the group Web site called "Varewo Network" accessing and using Varewo Network and all of their properties and the components resulting from them (mobile applications, web pages, data and other of its parts) you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed that you will be commiteded to the rules and conditions of use as well as their changes, which are updated from time to time as it will be explained in the text below.

If you do not agree or do not agree in any way with the following terms and conditions, please notice that you are not allowed to use this site and that same moment you stop using the content by using your Varewo Network.

During the use and the accession to the Varewo Network, there are applied conditions and terms of use, as well as all applicable laws of the Republic of Croatia.

Basic concepts

„Varewo Network“ is and consists of: Varewo.com, Varewo.de, Varewo.at, Varewo.hr, Varewo.sk, Varewo.ch, Varewo.fr, Varewo.gr, Varewo.us, Varewo.ru, Varewo.net, Varewo.biz, Varewo.cz, Varewo.it, Varewo.es, Varewo.mx, Varewo.in, Varewo.ws, Varewo.mk, Varewo.ro, Varewo.rs, Varewo.si, Varewo.be, Varewo.me, Varewo.nl, Varewo.dk, Varewo.pl, Varewo.co.uk, Varewo.org, Varewo.info, Varewo.eu, Varewo.mobi, Palebuddies.com, Placebuddies.net, Placebuddies.info, Placebuddies.biz (further in the text: Varewo Network).

VAREWO Network is owned by the company VAREWO Ltd., 40000 Čakovec, Bana Josipa Jelačića 3 - Republic of Croatia (further in text: Varewo).

The user is any person who is using Varewo Network for the purpose of research, registration, search, advertising or other purposes (further in text: User)


Article 1.

The content of the page

Varewo has created Varewo Network order to allow the highest quality customer service. Varewo made this site with great care and attention to detail. All listings and the information regarding to the advertisements came from users.

The user is alone responsible for the content of the ad, which includes responsibility for the truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and the quality of information and the ad content, for the obligations arising from the content of the ad, and the responsibility for infringement of copyright and the other intellectual property rights of third parties, regardless of the manner in which ad published in Varewo Network . Excluded is any liability Varewo for ad content.

Article 2.

User registration

As a condition of using additional services (such as "Favorites", "Published News", etc.) On this site, the user is required to register and choose a password.

Varewo has reserved the right to refuse registration, as well as the suspending or denial of the possibility of using the account and the / or one or more services for which the user is registered, without prior notice and the / or explanations.

In the process of registration the user agrees to provide accurate, complete and current information about registration. In contrary the conduct shall constitute a breach of these terms and conditions of use and may result in immediate closure of the user account.

The user is obliged to keep the data on their account, and is fully responsible for all damage caused by unauthorized use of his account, as well as for the content posted under his user name.

By completing the registration user accepts responsibility for all activities caused by its use of Varewo Network.

The user who wants to publish ads (commercial and / or free) is required, pursuant to the prohibition and prevention of carrying unregistered businesses, with basic information registration and enclose the following:

Legal persons - name and surname, headquarters, OIB, name of the responsible person

Individuals - name and surname of the client, OIB and his permanent or temporary residence.

According to Article 7, paragraph 2 of mentioned Law all printed and Internet advertising media are required to collect additional information. The requested information will not be published or made available to other users, or will by Varewo be used for other purposes, but it will be used for internal identification purposes of Varewo.

If the user when placing an advertisement (through any channel delivery) does not submit all the required Varewo Statutory identifiable information necessary for the successful publication of the ad, it will be considered incomplete.

Therefore Varewo is not obligated to publish the ad, and all material and immaterial costs incurred in the process of placing an advertisement that is considered incomplete, will be charged to expense.

Varewo according to Article 20, paragraph 6 of the Media Act is not required to verify the authenticity and credibility of the advertisement and the Act, the Electronic Commerce Article 18, paragraph 1, is not responsible for the content of the stored data.

By entering personal information users have provided consent to Varewo that they collect and process the purpose for which they were collected, accordance with the Law on the Prohibition and Prevention of conducting unregistered business and the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

Article 3.


Varewo only entering with useres into a contractual relationship in which he only provides a platform where users create and enter independently each other further arrangements with third parties. Use of Varewo Network does not make Varewo responsible for the sale / purchase / lease, nor Varewo part sales / negotiated process between the user and third party.

Article 4.

Collection of information and their use

1. If you want to use this site, you must ensure that your personal / contact information (which is applied to communications with third parties, as well as communication between you and Varewo) are complete and accurate. You also guarantee that you are legally competent to use this site.

2. Your personal data left on the site between / or collected by the registration will only be used to complement your activities with the interested third party, and for the purpose of informing users on the activities between products of Varewo.

3. Varewo will strive under almost all circumstances to protect the privacy of its users. Personal data are only used for the purpose of communication and improve our services to customers and will not be shared to third parties without the users permission. The user agrees to receive occasional email that is associated with the activities of Varewo Network and products of Varewo. E-mail may occasionally contain advertising messages from third parties. The user may at any time request in writing that Varewo Network does permanently or temporarily stop using their personal information for sending messages. In this case Varewo will freeze its registration, which means that users will no longer be able to use all the functionality of Varewo Network, and especially not those that are intended for registered users only.

4. Varewo has the right to use the e-mail address of the user, which the user states as his personal data, for the purposes of point 3 of this article, notification of new offers, sending newsletters, notifications of special offers, notifications about the status of submitted ads, as well as other types of information related to the ad that the user submitted by the advertising.

5. Varewo Network may contain links to other sites. While visiting other sites whose links are on Varewo Network, Varewo is not responsible for any damage that might result from the use of these sites and users accept the rules and regulations of the site do not agree or do not agree currently on. Users thereby agree that Varewo did not developed these sites and therefore has no influence on and is not responsible for the content of those sites.

6. Varewo on its website may use cookies and other technology to easier delivery of content to users based on their areas of interest and analyze the characteristics of visits to optimize the content that is interesting to users. When accessing Varewo Network, cookies identify the parameters of the search, but not the users themselves. Using cookies can not reveal the personal identity of the user. If the user at any time want to disable saving of cookies on your computer or delete them, it is necessary to restore the settings Internet browser (information on how to delete and disable cookies can be found in the browser menu by selecting "Help"). More about cookies used on Varewo Network find out here.

Varewo may collect information using "pixel tags", "Network signals", "empty GIFs" or similar devices (collectively called "pixel tags") that allow you to know when customers visit Varewo Network or click on ads.

7. Varewo Network undertakes to protect the personal data of customers in a way by collecting only necessary, basic information about customers / users that are necessary for fulfilling our obligations; to inform customers about the way we collect information and regularly give customers an option of using their information, including the decision whether or not to have their name is eliminated from lists used for marketing campaigns. All user information is strictly confidential and available only where such information is necessary to perform the work. All employees of Varewo Network and business partners are responsible for respecting the policy.

8. Varewo d.o.o. uses T-Com Pay Way system to process credit cards transactions. T-Com deals with privacy and security of your personal information in credit card authorization process. Privacy of the information in pay sites is ensured by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol with 128-bit data enrcyption. Exchange of sensitive information such as credit card numbers between T-Com Pay Way system for online payments and authorization centres of credit card companies is processed via private network with no internet access and is fully protected from unauthorized access in accordance with ISO 8583 protocol. T-Com completely denies access to any information for unauthorized personnel in the purchase process. Your credit card number is never at the disposal of Varewo d.o.o. online store employees. They have access to authorized transaction number only. They are authorized only to execute transaction in full or partial amount or to cancel the transaction. All prices on Varewo Network are listed in HRK for final customers, VAT not included.

9. If you do not agree with the previous articles, we advise you not to use the website Varewo Network.

Article 5.

Protection of copyrights and other intellectual property rights

1. The rights relating to the Varewo Network include text, images, format, databases, and all other (static and / or animated) material, sounds, formats, software, brands (including domain names) belong to Varewo.

2. It is not allowed to change, copy, distribute, sell any part of the Varewo Network or the software Varewo Network unless otherwise specified in the agreement between Varewo and the other side.

3. All the content on Varewo Network not allowed to copy in the whole or in part without written permission of Varewo.

4. It is not allowed to distribute copies of these pages and making them accessible to third parties in any way,

5. Users agree that Varewo can without any further license or special consent ads that users published on Varewo Network in the use, distribute and publish globally without a restriction, on other partner website of Varewo Network, as well as social sites networks, such as ads that users are announced on other partner web site or group site, and on social networks Varewo be used, distributed and published on the site Varewo network

Article 6.


Varewo reserves the right to exclude from the continued use of this site, those users who in any way violate these terms and conditions, or in any way slows or disrupts the work of the site. Varewo also reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against such users, and demand compensation for damage or loss.

Varewo reserves the right to exclude from the continued use of this site of the user who abuses the information published on this site, or in any way unauthorized uses of the site, particularly in terms of:

- To copy the content posted on this site and then publish them in the / on some other advertising media

- That when placing an advertisement filing inaccurate, incomplete or false identification data

- To lobby Varewo users (customers) to advertise on other sites or in other advertising media, in a way to contact them by phone, e-mail or text message offering them their services or third-party services

- That he violates the rules of advertising in a way that is using the graphic or textual form, and without being paid for the service provided for a fee

The above procedures are legally punishable, and in such cases Varewo takes all legal measures to protect themselves, their customers.

Article 7.



Varewo does not guarantee:

1. accuracy, completeness and truthfulness of ads or text in them, or the quality, safety and legality of offered products / or services

2. accuracy, completeness and accuracy of identification data collected by the user when placing an advertisement, necessary for the internal records OF Varewo

3. business capacity the users authority to conclude a contract of sale, correctness, completeness accuracy of the personal data, which is used in the same business

4. on Varewo Network will not be without errors / or will operate without interruption at all times

5. that a third party will legally use this site all the time

6. that the contents of on Network Varewo- will not be presented without error and that implementing such content will not violate patents, copyrights, trademark or other rights of third parties

Some of the ads as a contact phone numbers are numbers with special tariff. In order to prevent any irregularities to the detriment of users, Varewo advises all customers to contact with diligence users who use such numbers.

Article 8.


Varewo can not be held responsible to you or any third parties for any damage, loss or injury arising directly or indirectly out of your access of use of your Varewo Network or pages that are linking with Varewo Network, or for information on these site, as well as due to actions taken or not taken in connection with the information on this site, as well as due to your use of (or inability to use) any of these sites. Varewo also not responsible for any damage or loss of profit caused by not providing its services to technical faults or human nature. Furthermore, Varewo can not accept any responsibility relation to you and for any content displayed on those sites on which you can allow temporary access. Any such access can not be or shall be interpreted the sense that it represents a connection to Varewo, or that Varewo supports such sites.

Varewo is not in any case responsible to anyone for any direct or indirect damages resulting from use of Varewo Network, services or content ads even when he was informed about such claims by third parties.

The user Varewo Network shall use Varewo Network in accordance with these terms and conditions the laws of the Republic of Croatia, and is responsible for any acts which are contrary to the above, as well as for all consequences of such actions how Varewo and all third parties where the action is violated any of their rights.

Varewo will not be responsible for any damage resulting from the use advice (taken from other portals / authors / lawyers / architects / advisers), which may arise due to incorrect or insufficient information provided by users or any other reasons.

Varewo at all times reserves the right to change the look of the ads (referring to the appearance of text, photos video content) and the right to change the positioning of ads that are defined according to their own development and strategic objectives of Varewo.


Articles in this section, together with articles from Chapter 1, apply if you want to place an ad on Varewo Network in property of Varewo.

1. The Private ad can be submitted only from users who sell their private property or advertising for their own personal needs.

2. Free ads submitted through the Internet last until deactivation or the last month of submission if the user himself does not deactivated.

3. The agencies, companies, dealers everyone else who advertises for profit (dealers, resellers, independent contractors ...) can not pay ad at the existing price for professional users

4. Information about prices you can get here.

5. The number of value-added can be listed as a contact phone number only if do not agree or caller provides full execution of services of by calling the number indicated.

Article 9.

Ad Content

1. Each user is responsible for providing current, administrative, truthful and complete description of the offered product. When submitting a listing on Varewo Network, the user assigns Varewo right to send out information concerning the product globally.

2. It is strictly forbidden advertisements on the website in any other way than that which is highlighted by Varewo

3. Varewo strives to offer its users a quality service. For this purpose, hr retains the right to delete all those ads that do not meet this criterion. Varewo has the right to edit or change the ads without notice, and it will happen in the following circumstances

- When the advertisement is placed in the wrong section

- When the product description and / or price in the advertisement is false and / or incomplete

- When the product and / or users violate copyrights and / or other intellectual property rights

- The product may cause damage and / or violate the intellectual property rights of another in any way

- Where an ad is found in more than one category or to surrender more than once

- When the product and / or the content of the ad contains discriminatory aspects, (child) pornographic or under Croatian law illegal material

- When the contents of a single ad contains more products or services

- When the ad is in any way offensive to Varewo and other relevant laws of the Republic of Croatia

- When the ad is suspicious in regard to advertised stolen or illegal goods

- When the ad is suspicious in regard to the fraudulent

- When target ads to promote the company, directly or indirectly, without having to pay for it

- When the ad content is composed in a way to achieve better ad position

- When images in the ad contains graphics, or details that stand out from the other ads

- When the ad contains a link to a website and / or HTML tags

- When the ad contains the contact information (phone, e-mail address) within the text or title of the ad

- When the advertisement in any way impairs the quality of the content

4. Varewo is not responsible for any legal action or complaint against a user based on the infringement of any copyright or intellectual property rights.

5. If the ad is paid - but does not fulfill some of the conditions of advertising - it will be rejected. The paid amount will constitute overpayment of which the user will be notified with instructions that it be used to pay for other ads. If the user fails to comply with instructions, Varewo the amount of the overpayment to keep record this as fees for handling correspondence carrying costs of the user's fault.

When purchasing services on Varewo Network- as well as their cancellation, or by Varewo Network or the user for any reason, Varewo Network nor Varewo not obliged will reimburse the value of unreleased services or bear any responsibility for any damage the business client incurred as a result of not providing services.

6. Varewo stores the image files (photos) ad after it expired in 90 days. We advise users to store on their computers pictures used in advertisements since Varewo is not required to store them.

7. All observations with Article 8 of the Consumer Protection Act may be submitted in writing to the address of the Varewo Ltd., Bana Josipa Jelačića 3, 40000 Čakovec - HR or e-mail address Varewo@Varewo.com


Article 10.

The use of cookies

Users are required to check that their browser accepts cookies, which are essential for the smooth use of the site. If cookies on your computer are not included, Varewo is not able to fully perform the requested service, and is not responsible for later complaints that are related to the consequences of not turning cookies.

Article 11.

Changes in the terms of use

Varewo reserves the right to at its sole discretion, change, replace or undermine the appearance, content terms of the use of Varewo Network as well as all services the pages that are an integral part thereof without prior notice. It is your responsibility to become familiar with such changes. Continued use of content and services on Network Varewo as well as all services the pages that are an integral part of, after the announcement of the changes, represents your consent and agreement with them.

This contract is being applied until one of the contract parties breaks it. You can cancel this Agreement at any time in a way to stop using Varewo Network in property of Varewo Ltd., Bana Josipa Jelačića 3, 40000 Čakovec - HR.

Article 12.

Court jurisdiction

Croatian law is competent in interpretation and application of law matters related to the above terms of the use of Varewo Network in property of Varewo ltd , and the court in Varazdin have exclusive jurisdiction over all claims and disputes caused by the use of these materials.

Please read carefully the terms of the use of Varewo Network. By accessing and using the contents of Varewo Network, agreeing to the terms of use and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the text as follows. If you in any way do not agree to the following terms, please notice that you are not allowed to use this site.

During the use and accession to the Varewo Network in the applied above conditions and terms of use, as well as all applicable laws. By accessing and using the contents of Varewo Network, agreeing to the terms of use and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the text as follows. If you in any way do not agree to the following terms, please notice that you are not allowed to use this site.