Trg Slobode 6, Budva, Montenegro


D&D Apartments Budva - Apartment with 4 beds

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Apartment has: Smart TV with cable TV, home cinema,
air conditioning, hot water 24h, kitchen (dishwasher), bathroom (cabin with massage machines, washing machine), terrace, safe, iron, hairdryer, bed linen, internet.
Living room + two bedrooms (4 beds).


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serbio, croata, inglés, ruso, italiano
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Tipo de refrigeración

Aire acondicionado

Tipo de calefacción

Air Conditioning

Accesibilidad para personas con discapacidad

Pisos superiores accesibles solo por escaleras

Comida y bebida

Reparto de provisiones a domicilio Barbacoa


De arena Gravilla Rocosa Salvaje Asfaltado

Equipamiento de playa

Duchas Aseos Hamacas Sombrillas


Alquiler de bicicletas Alquiler de coches Conexión con el aeropuerto con recargo adicional Servicio de traslado con recargo adicional

Zonas comunes

Jardín Terraza Terraza soleada

Servicio de limpieza

Servicio de planchado Colada Servicio de limpieza diario

Temporada de verano

Pesca Golf Tenis Natación Buceo de superficie Senderismo Squash Camping Ciclismo Equitación Todoterreno 4x4 Cuatriciclo / Motocicleta Escalada Montañismo
Bolos Tenis de mesa Billar Dardos Minigolf Parque acuático Windsurf Buceo Tirolina Gimnasio Diferentes patios de recreo

Temporada de invierno

Tennis Pesca en hielo Ciclismo de invierno Senderismo Todoterreno 4x4
Cuatriciclo / Motocicleta Tirolina Montañismo


Secador de pelo Ducha


Canales de televisión por cable Reproductor de CD Reproductor de DVD Televisión de pantalla plana Radio Canales por satélite Televisión Vídeo

Comida y bebida

Hervidor eléctrico Comedor exterior Mobiliario exterior Cocina Utensilios de cocina Tetera

Servicios y extras

Sábanas Toallas Toallas/sábanas


Hervidor eléctrico Congelador Microondas Horno Frigorífico Lavadora

Revestimiento del suelo


Exterior y vistas

Balcón Patio Vistas Terraza Vistas al jardín Vistas a la montaña

Accesibilidad para personas con discapacidad

Pisos superiores accesibles solo por escaleras

Normas de la casa


- House Order -

• Upon arrival, all guests are required to show their landlord personal documents and pay accommodation.
• The guest registration and collection of the tourist fee is mandatory. Collection of the tourist fee is carried out on the spot.
• The apartments are equipped with internet ( for Internet access you must contact the landlord).
• Smoking in the apartments is allowed. We kindly ask smokers not to throw cigarette butts around the house, courtyard or around it, and to take all precautionary measures to prevent fire and for their personal safety.
• Guests get the key of the apartments and must keep it and take care of locking that is they are required to take care of their belongings and valuable possessions. The owner of the building disclaims any responsibility for the possible disappearance of these belongings and valuable possessions. There is a safe where you can place your documents and valuable possessions.
• On the day of departure, you are required to call your landlord to check the apartment and to make up for any damage they cause.
• Customers are responsible for order and cleanliness of accommodation, and are required to maintain the same. During the stay of the guests the landlord is not required to clean, store or take out the garbage from the accommodation units .
• It is strictly forbidden to bring people who are not users of accommodation in the interior and exterior of the units without the consent of the landlord. In case that any other persons, who are not registered or have not been announced while booking of accommodation, are found, the landlord has the right to cancel accommodation to all the guests.
• Landlord will change the complete bed linen every 7 days but has no obligation to supply guests with toilet paper, toiletries, cleaning and washing-up agents.
• Pets can be brought in the accommodation unit with the approval of the landlord. Bringing pets is not allowed without prior notice, and the apartment owner has the right to cancel accommodation.
• When moving out of the accommodation units you are required to close and switch off: faucets, lighting, electrical appliances, air conditioners.
• If the landlord finds the air conditioning turned on when guests are out of the apartment, the customer is required to pay an additional 30 euros.
• Cooling food and drinks with the running water is not allowed. It is also not allowed to throw waste into the toilet, sinks or other places that are not provided for it, or in the yard near the house.
• On the day of departure you must leave the accommodation unit until 10:00 hrs. Apartments that are rented have to be left in the state in which you found them on the arrival - clean and undamaged.
• Time interval from 22:00 hrs pm to 8:00 hrs am is the time for night rest, and from 14:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs is time interval for the afternoon peace. Therefore, do not disturb the surrounding neighbors.
• Accommodation may be cancelled to the guest who does not abide by the house rules and that disturbs the peace. In case of cancellation of accommodation provided by the landlord for violation of house rules, guests will not be refunded the amount paid, regardless of the short stay .
• If you want to cancel the arranged stay earlier, you will not be refunded the amount paid.
• It is not allowed to bring weapons into the apartment, any flammable, explosive stuff or things with a strong or unpleasant smell.
• Landlord of the apartment has the right to enter the apartment if he/she notices that this is necessary in order to prevent harm or danger predictable or unpredictable. In case of such an entry into the apartment at the time of the absence of guests, the landlord shall inform guests about the time and reason for entering the apartment.
• Please take care about the rented accommodation units. It is not allowed to move furniture or other equipment from one to another room, anywhere outside or onto the beach. For example: chairs, accessories for the preparation and consumption of food, towels, blankets ...
• Guests who do damage to property will have to indemnify the landlord for the full amount of damage .
• Landlord is at your disposal for any information and assistance that you need during your stay .

We wish you a pleasant stay in our apartments and thank you for your confidence.

48 EUR por noche Precios por temporada: 48 EUR por noche 2019/09/20 - 2019/09/30 39 EUR por noche 2019/10/01 - 2020/04/30 48 EUR por noche 2020/05/01 - 2020/05/31 58 EUR por noche 2020/06/01 - 2020/06/30 80 EUR por noche 2020/07/01 - 2020/08/31 48 EUR por noche 2020/09/01 - 2020/09/30 39 EUR por noche 2020/10/01 - 2021/04/30

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